Green and eco-friendly plumbing

We care about what we leave behind: a finished job and minimal footprint on our planet. It means that we are using practices that help rather than harm the environment. We implement energy-saving products and technology and we’re always learning new ways to be eco-friendly. Here are our green plumbing methods.

  • We use low flow replacements for toilets.
  • We recycle all eligible materials used on a site. We will identify items that can be repaired or reused which can save you money while promoting environmentally sound practices.
  • We offer water-saving tips and advice, such as taking showers instead of baths, turning off taps while brushing teeth, using a timer in the shower, etc.
  • As standard, we offer ways to reduce our ecological footprint by using green resources and recycling.
  • We try to find ways to clear blockages without chemicals.
  • We purchase products from green suppliers and encourage our customers to do so too.