The average boiler lasts up to 15 years so a new boiler isn’t something you should need to buy too often.  However, when your boiler does come to the end of its life, you can save yourself money, time and hassle later by installing the right one for your needs and making sure it is installed correctly.  All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered with extensive training and experience in fitting boilers correctly.  Because we have been replacing boilers for over 15 years, we are experts in helping people choose the right boiler for their home to keep them warm with as little energy wastage as possible.

Why Replace your Boiler

Admittedly, the most common reason we see for people replacing their boilers is because they are broken.  In an ideal world, people should really replace their boilers before they get to this point because a boiler at the end of its life isn’t energy efficient, is prone to expensive break downs and can even be susceptible to dangerous gas and fume leaks.  As heating counts for up to 60% of the average home’s energy bills, it’s important to have a boiler which is as energy efficient as possible.  Fortunately, modern boilers are much more efficient than ones designed even as recently as 10 years ago so a new boiler to replace an old one which has just started having regular trouble, can save you money as well as aggravation.

Choosing a New Boiler

The type of property you have, the size of your family and the way you use heating and hot water will all affect which type of boiler would be the most efficient and effective for you.  One of the first things you need to decide is whether a combi boiler or separate water tank and boiler would be the most suitable for your circumstances and then you need to consider things like heat recovery devices and how you would like to control your boiler.  Because there is quite a lot to take into consideration when choosing a new boiler that will work best for your home and your family, we can ask you the right questions to lead us to making a recommendation based on our experience and knowledge. We offer 0% finance options, as we know the cost of a new boiler isn’t often top of the priority list.

Correct Boiler Installation

It goes without saying that boilers have to be installed correctly for them to work properly and be safe so you need a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer but it is also important to hire an engineer with extensive experience to install a boiler in the best way for your property.  Our team have experience of fitting all kinds of different boilers in a wide range of properties so can install boilers quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption.Because boilers are a rare but expensive purchase, we can help you get the right one to suit your needs and install it in a way that maximises efficiency and minimises hassle.  If your boiler has stopped working or you would like to replace an old boiler before it gets to that point, please call 01273 590078 for advice and a no-obligation quote.

Full Installations

Whether you need a central heating system installed for the first time – lots of homes in Brighton and Hove are still using storage heaters – or need an old system replaced, we can carry out the work with as little disruption as possible but still ensure all the correct safety protocols are carried out and the system is as energy efficient as it can be.  Newer systems are far more energy efficient, and therefore cost effective, than older ones but it is still important to get the right one for your property and install it to minimise energy wastage.  No two homes and families are the same so no two central heating installations are the same.  We use our expertise and experience to tailor our service to your requirements.

Maintenance and Servicing

By servicing your boiler yearly and regularly performing system flushing and descaling, we can help your central heating system last longer, perform more efficiently and make breakdowns less likely.  Debris in the system can make it run less efficiently and run the risk of becoming clogged and breaking down.  Boilers can also leak carbon monoxide, which is a very harmful and potentially deadly gas, so it is a good idea to have them regularly serviced so we can check that this isn’t happening and make sure nothing is wrong with your boiler that could make this likely.  Because regularly serviced boilers and maintained central heating systems run more efficiently and are less prone to needing expensive repairs, undertaking this work can save you money in the long run.


Breakdowns do happen, unfortunately.  They have a nasty habit of happening when you least want them to like in the middle of winter or when you need hot water quickly.  When this happens, our central heating specialists can attend your property quickly and use their expertise and professional equipment to diagnose the problem and fix it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while minimising disruption and mess.

Please contact our trusted partners Pierson Heating for all your heating needs.